I hate you. I love you

It started on an impulse, that quickly grew to fascination, developed into an infatuation, only later to become an undeniable obsession. I wasn’t looking for anything or anyone when my world got flipped upside down. I  was just so desperate to escape and breathe again. I wanted to encounter something that’d make me feel alive, […]

Stupid girl.

When the hell did my life become a Drake song? When did I become every single thing I have ever hated? Why am I still running now that I’m finally free? Why am I still so afraid? I question myself every day but like the pendulum that swings back and forth, I’m never am sure […]


“I danced to the rythm And moved by myself No one could see through me Or hear the words I felt..” I’m sitting on the porch the way you used to. I’m trying to slowly feel the sadness that is overflowing inside of me,  without allowing myself to become lost in it. It is a […]


  It’s amazing how twisted my perception of you was versus who you actually were. For years I thought you were my source of inspiration and no matter what the future would bring, nothing would ever change that. In time I came to discover how wrong I was. I believed you had completely changed my […]