Dua Lipa: New music. New Rules

Dua Lipa has written the perfect response to those late night drunk texts and phone calls from your exes! I have to admit that anytime I feel tempted I find myself blasting this song. You got my attention, Dua.. And I’m taking notes. “One: Don’t pick up the phone You know he’s only callin’ ’cause he’s […]

Never enough: Addicted to love with the wrong one

Private schools and beautiful vacations, big parties and expensive gifts, custom made homes and over the top holidays together, but no relationship whatsoever to show for it. Poor little rich girl. I knew nothing about struggle or bills. I didn’t even understand the concept of money until I married a man who didn’t have it. […]

My mind continues to wonder as my thoughts forever wander

I️ wonder if it’s already happened.. Have you already rationalized my existence? Have you minimized my importance and significance to you to appease another? Have you logically dissected and analyzed everything like you always do? I wonder what you’ve done with all the emotions you felt for me. Where did you place all our memories? […]

“The iron fist in the velvet glove”: The underestimated Libra Woman

My interest in astrology started as a hobby, but as I’ve ventured into this new path of growth and experimentation, I’m allowing myself to be open to all factors and possibilities of truth. Getting to know myself through my genealogy, my family’s mental and physical health history, science, new age, astrology and Christian faith has […]

Nice guys aren’t good men. Lesson learned.

Via: Lisa Vallejos, PhD Elephant Journal Are you a nice guy or a good man? If that seems like an odd question, bear with me for a moment, because there is a distinct difference between the two. A nice guy will tell a pretty lie to avoid the discomfort of telling an ugly truth. A good […]