Rumor has it: Right idea, wrong person

I spend more free time there than I do here, so I understand everyone’s obvious curiosity when it comes to our friendship. But people fail to realize that I never share what I don’t want known. My best friend keeps my secrets, but she’s NOT my secret. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes, there […]

Word Vomit.

Words. They have the power to move me in ways I’ve never been able to fully express. Unfortunately, this has been a curse in many ways because I have found myself caught up with people who are amazingly gifted with the ability to lavish words on me but are unable to follow them through with […]

Playing with Fire.

Can you remember that exact moment he walked into your life? You weren’t expecting him but like the wind that gently caresses your cheek, he felt harmless and you let him in. He had a certain air about him and it drew you into his atmosphere even more. Before you knew it, you were free […]

Deadly Silence

Don’t fear my judgement. My love is unconditional. Don’t fear my anger. I forgive and forget quickly. If anything fear my silence, for in it lies the words and sentiments I’ll never speak of again.


My sleep has been off again because I’m worried about her. The other night was just another reminder of what I already knew the day she left that facility. That ending was only the beginning of another nightmare and the reality is that she is still just as far gone as she was before. I’m […]