Rumor has it: Right idea, wrong person

I spend more free time there than I do here, so I understand everyone’s obvious curiosity when it comes to our friendship. But people fail to realize that I never share what I don’t want known. My best friend keeps my secrets, but she’s NOT my secret. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes, there […]

Deadly Silence

Don’t fear my judgement. My love is unconditional. Don’t fear my anger. I forgive and forget quickly. If anything fear my silence, for in it lies the words and sentiments I’ll never speak of again.

What’s love without tragedy?

An excerpt from the late Arthur Miller’s autobiography about his ex wife Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

My all time favorite artist would have been 58 today. It’s such a tragedy to see such a talent taken from us so soon. His biggest wish was to leave behind a legacy of music that would outlive him. I heard him once say that he put so much heart into his work, that he […]