Another loss. Another hole. Another void.

My heart feels such a heaviness tonight and my mind can’t seem to stop the constant montage of memories that keep circulating thru my head. I know it’s for the best and I should focus all my energy on all the beauty that was, but right now all I’m mourning is what will never be.

Rest In Peace Nana.

There’s a first time for everything! 🥂

“We used to be kids in the backseat wastin’ time

Talk in’ ’bout high hopes and day dreams

Never thought love, never thought life

Could take us far beyond what we believed

As long as I got your love next to me

I’m better than I used to be”

I officiated my first wedding this past weekend in Avondale for one of my dearest friends. We’ve shared over 15 years of friendship and we’re still going strong!

💍 Wishing many blessings and years of happiness for the happy couple! 😘

Treacherous butterfly



You are like a butterfly

You fly and you rest, going from mouth to mouth

easy and light, to anyone who entices you


I am a rat in your rat trap

A trap that doesn’t kill, but doesn’t release

I live, dying as your prisoner


Treacherous butterfly, The wind carries everything away

Butterfly, I won’t go back with you

Oh, butterfly of love

My butterfly of love

I do not return to you

 Oh, butterfly of love

My butterfly of love

Never again will I be close to you


Fly away love, fly away pain

And don’t return to my side


Just leave now, go from flower to flower

Seducing the pistils,

And fly near the sun,

So you feel what pain is


Oh, woman how you cause harm

The minutes pass like years

Look, these jealousies are killing me


OH, woman how easy you are

Opening your wings, your colorful thighs, to where your lovers rest


Treacherous butterfly

The wind carries everything away

Butterfly, I won’t go back

Oh, butterfly of love,

my butterfly of love

I won’t go back to you

Oh, butterfly of love,

my butterfly of love

Never again will I be close to you


Fly away love, fly away pain

May you have luck in your life

Oh, pain

I cried an entire river for you,

Oh, love

Now you fly away from me”


Julia Michaels “I miss you” on repeat today

She was a ghost writer for years before she finally decided to go solo as an artist. Her distinct voice and candid lyrics have garnered her lots of admiration and attention by the music community and fans alike. She makes heartbreak sound good, and has a way of conveying many female thoughts and emotions with simplicity and ease. This collaboration she did with the British electronic music band “clean bandit” is genius and the amazing end result speaks for itself.

And of course a great acoustic cover from the male perspective by Boyce Avenue that I’m totally obsessed with.

And the remix..

Happy birthday my beautiful friend! 🦋

You never took “no” for an answer and you didn’t get discouraged when I tried walking away. I was a broken mess when you found me, but you told me the most beautiful people usually are. When I tried to keep my distance you pursued my friendship with a fierceness and determination I’d never felt before. You have defended me in my absence, protected me in my presence, held me in my anger, made me laugh through my tears and taught me to take pride in my weaknesses, because were it not for them, I would have never found my strength. You’re not scared to hurt my feelings with the truth or call me out when I’m not doing the same for you. You’re a true ride or die and I’m so thankful for you today! Happy “dirty thirty” Perl! You are everything and more! I love you so very much! Xoxo