The love you can’t keep

You’ve climbed so far up this cautious tree trying to rip off the forbidden heart that would let you devour this love in peace. Sometimes you can’t reach out to people you’re fiending for because the rope you let go of placed that fear in you. Torn eyelids and a ripped soul, is this what happens when they’re not still yours? Sickened with the thoughts of forcing yourself to not think of a past that haunts you. Knowing no one encouraged you to keep finding your love is the reason you’re lost now. Your molecules worsened and dissolved into a liquid making the bond you two shared lose its original form. An ocean filled love turned into dusty sand neglecting you from ever wanting to be near the shore. You crashed into their love like your belt wasn’t fastened, now you just visualize scenes with someone who’s a part of your past film. It’s hard to see someone as your world when you can’t be a part of their planet’s view. Being filled up to the point that you’re unable to spill out your feelings without hearing your glass is full. How do you win a game when all your pieces are scattered all over a broken chest? Religion and differences kept you stranded as a prisoner who was not obliged to the only smiles as something to be witnessing. Craving their warmth while shivering away in an unreasonable home. Your pupils enlarging to the point where you wish you couldn’t see no more. Lost in a dark imagery portrait displaying your broken soul. Losing all hope of jumping out of this frame and capturing a heart without saying your camera broke. Your solid love was like a wax figure that has now melted into an inflammable view. The only tunnel left is too hazardous for you to walk in but you keep their candle lit in your palms knowing you’ll have to fume it soon. Extinguishing a flame that let you see light is the hardest especially in the darkest times. It’s not easy to repair a bond that is meant to stay torn and even harder to erase an image that is stained on your soul. You can stitch up your past as much as you want but knowing you can never be with them will always remain a permanent wound.

Forbidden Love — the love you can’t keep

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