There’s a first time for everything! 🥂

“We used to be kids in the backseat wastin’ time

Talk in’ ’bout high hopes and day dreams

Never thought love, never thought life

Could take us far beyond what we believed

As long as I got your love next to me

I’m better than I used to be”

I officiated my first wedding this past weekend in Avondale for one of my dearest friends. We’ve shared over 15 years of friendship and we’re still going strong!

💍 Wishing many blessings and years of happiness for the happy couple! 😘

Treacherous butterfly



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site pour rencontre femme riche I am a rat in your rat trap

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conocer a un hombre virgo Oh, butterfly of love

source site My butterfly of love

I do not return to you

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finasteride 1 mg cheapest Never again will I be close to you


Fly away love, fly away pain

And don’t return to my side


Just leave now, go from flower to flower

Seducing the pistils,

And fly near the sun,

So you feel what pain is


Oh, woman how you cause harm

The minutes pass like years

Look, these jealousies are killing me


OH, woman how easy you are

Opening your wings, your colorful thighs, to where your lovers rest


Treacherous butterfly

The wind carries everything away

Butterfly, I won’t go back

Oh, butterfly of love,

my butterfly of love

I won’t go back to you

Oh, butterfly of love,

my butterfly of love

Never again will I be close to you


Fly away love, fly away pain

May you have luck in your life

Oh, pain

I cried an entire river for you,

Oh, love

Now you fly away from me”