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"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it's dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared."

Tupac Shakur, The Rose That Grew from Concrete

Astrological power couples


"I think you have different soul mates throughout your life, that your soul needs different things at different times. I do believe in love. I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought.” Kim Kardashian West


When it comes to the Kardashian family everyone on the planet seems to have some sort of opinion, especially when it comes to the most infamous member of the clan, Kim. Whether it's her risqué fashion choices, her tumultuous love life, choices in men, or ever changing appearance, everyone has something to say about the powerful mogul. Her name is synonymous with controversy and she's been labeled one of the "most beautiful, and most desirable women" in the world. So it only makes sense that such an influential person would end up with someone just as powerful. When she's not making headlines for her enviable curves, the world fixates on her relationship with one of the most famous rappers on the planet, Kanye West. Whether it's jet setting all over the world or making their way down star studded red carpets, this couple is the center of attention wherever they go.

Kim is a Libra and it's quite evident that she has found her counterpart in her outrageous and unpredictable Gemini hubby. Both are Air Signs and being someone genuinely intrigued by astrology, I find it interesting that some of the world's most iconic couples have been this Libra/Gemini combination.


(Below is a quick breakdown of each air sign. And an brief explanation of what the air element is all about.)


Libra is wild and relentless about justice, and has an equally passionate need for beauty.  

Aquarius has one ear attuned to the outer limits, and is a visionary and loner. Gemini is light and changeable, and a witty observer of life's spectacle.

Order Valium Online Cheap The signs of the Zodiac are grouped by elements in their triplicity, but they are also grouped by something known as their quality. Another name for quality is attitude.  

For the Air signs, Libra is cardinal, the leader, Aquarius is fixed, able to doggedly follow one train of thought and Gemini is mutable and as mercurial as the planet that rules it.                   

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In my opinion, Gemini and Libra relationships tend to mirror this same sort of pattern of "poet and muse." It also seems like this kind of connection is associated with a more obsessive kind of love and admiration. Generally speaking, both sun signs tend to be harder to pin down and take longer to commit to ANY one idea, person, place or thing. These types of folks are interchangeable and flexible like their air element. Which means they're all about freedom, love, creativity, beauty, change, adventure, spontaneity and passion. Moreover, they require all these things in a partner for them to remain committed, happy and in love. I can tell you firsthand that as a Libra woman, that when a Gemini man takes a serious interest you it's blatantly obvious. They are great conversationalists and very attentive listeners. Gemini's are direct and focused when they zero in on a specific romantic interest. I recently experienced this charismatic intensity with a Gemini male that has taken an interest in me.

Right off the bat, there was definitely a mutual and immediate physical attraction but being the social butterfly I am (again, another Libra trait) I didn't think much more past that in our initial introduction. That was until I realized I could not shake this man's constant stare, or his physical persistence to remain by my side the rest of the evening. Whether he was cutting in during dances or interjecting with witty banter, he made his intentions exceptionally clear to me and to everyone around me. He seemed naturally good at everything, dancing and mingling, remaining the center of attention the whole night. I found his confidence in pursuing me a major turn on and his tireless efforts flattering. He was determined to win my complete attention and eventually he did. He was charming, flirtatious and surprisingly, just as attractive intellectually as he was physically.

It's almost impossible to not give into the overwhelming magnetism of the Gemini man. He can talk about any and everything and is often blunt in his thoughts and emotions. He is not easily deterred and doesn't run at the sight of rejection; on the contrary, it seems to fuel him to pursue what he wants even harder. He is a born rebel, well liked in all social circles for having an air of confidence that makes him stand out. As far as intellectual compatibility and sexual chemistry goes, my favorite lovers have been Gemini (air) Taurus (earth) and Leo (fire) men. They are incredibly sexy, vocal, passionate, creative and have the most beautiful bodies. But again, that's just my take based off of my experiences. I've heard opinions from other Libra females that have said Pisces (water) and Scorpio (water) men are also great matches as well. But Libra's always go back and forth, which brings me to my next point.

As a Libra, I am fully aware of my ability to fall easily and quickly in love, as well as out of love with someone. Air signs are true romantics at heart and we are all about all love. Only downfall to that is our indecision and fickleness when it comes to our emotions and feelings because they are changing constantly. So without meaning to, we often times find ourselves caught up in the idea of love, more so than love itself.  Air signs are labeled "the winds of change" and one writer once wrote that "like the breeze, you can’t quite catch them, and you never really know where they'll end up dropping you once they sweep you up." Air signs are well known to take on many lovers throughout their life and tend to have various devoted known and secret admirers as well. So it's safe to say that when two air signs that are both equal in charm, beauty, creativity, likeability and intellectual depth fall in love with one another, the attraction and connection will be undeniable.


Many astrologers consider Libra/Gemini the quintessential power couple.

Some other famous Libra/Gemini couples include; Arthur Miller (Libra) and Marilyn Monroe (Gemini) , Paul McCartney (Gemini) and Linda McCartney (Libra), Stevie Nicks (Gemini) and Lyndsay Buckingham (Libra)


Below are some of Kanye's well known lyrics referencing his notorious muse.

Buy Valium Manila "And the whole industry wanna f@ck your old chick Only man I got respect for is Wiz And I’ll admit, I had fell in love with Kim Around the same time she had fell in love with him
Well that's cool, baby girl do your thing
Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team."
– "Way too cold" "You was always the cheerleader of my dream That seem to only date the head of football teams
And I was the class clown that always kept you laughing
We were never meant to be baby we just happened"
– "Knock you down"

Cheap Phentermine Online "I'm not loving you, the way I wanted to
What I had to do, had to run from you
Buy Alprazolam Online Australia I'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong
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So ya never know, never never know Never know enough, til it's over love Til we lose control, system overload
Order Ambien From Mexico Screaming no no no, no no I'm not loving you, the way I wanted to
See I wanna move, but can't escape from you
So I keep it low, keep a secret code
So everybody else don't have to know"

"What you doing in the club on a Thursday?
She say she only here for her girl birthday
They ordered champagne but still look thirsty
Rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty."
– "Bound"


"You the number one trophy wife
So it's only right to live the trophy life
You grew up on J. Lo, Timberlands by Manolo now
Till one day I put an angel in your ultrasound
I wanna dip that ass in gold
I wanna dip that ass in gold
I made it over NBA, NFL players
So every time I score it's like the Super Bowl
Baby, we should hit the south of France
So you could run around without them pants
I put that glacier on your little hand
Now that's the only thing without a tan
My trophy on that Bound bike, I gave you only pipe
If people don't hate then it won't be right
You could look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloe
All your Mama ever made was trophies, right?"
-I won

"People trying to hate on you
At least you know that’s nothing new
Stop everything you’re doing now
Cause baby, you’re awesome
So awesome" Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

"Up in the morning, miss you bad
Sorry I ain't called you back
The same problem my father had"


“Blew the world up as soon as I hit the club with her
Too Short called, told me I fell in love with her”


“You my dream girl from the posters
That I thought I would never get close to
In the black limousines with chauffeurs
Right next to the Testarossas"

To the bone "People say they love you but what they mean is that they love how loving you makes them feel about themselves or they love what they can take from you."  
I am not a person who watches a lot of television but recently I did take the time to watch the newest controversial film on Netflix. The movie is appropriately titled, "To the bone," and it's all about a young woman's battle with anorexia and the affect it has on all the people closest to her. It is incredibly insightful and brings a much needed awareness to an ongoing issue that many men, women and children struggle with.
We should all constantly and consistently strive to grow and evolve as individuals, as well as members of society.
After-all, the most powerful thing we can do to bring forth change in this world is to educate ourselves.

I adore Lily Collins as an actress and as far Keanu Reeves goes, I've been obsessed with him since I was a little girl. 

Kudos to Netflix for making such an incredibly raw and honest film! 

It’s in the stars..

 I am a Libra sun (air)

The Sun, the giver of life, represents our conscious mind in Astrology. It represents our will to live and our creative life force.  In the chart, the position of the Sun by zodiac sign represents the native’s life purpose and the style in which they leave their mark in the world. By house, the Sun’s position shows where our personalities shine. The areas of life associated with that house reveal the types of experiences which contribute to our sense of individuality and which shape our sense of pride. These areas of life are ones in which we seek to express and focus our Sun sign qualities.

A Taurus moon (earth)

The  sign position of the Moon reveals much about our habits, reactions, and instincts. It shows how we express, and deal with, our emotions. Most obvious in our homes or in private, our Moon sign reveals our innermost needs. Many astrologers feel that the Moon represents our experience of mothering; it also shows how we “mother” or “baby” ourselves!

My Venus is in Scorpio (water)

Your Venus sign governs how you view relationships, what you want in a relationship, how you act in a relationship and to some extent the type of person you are attracted to. Note that I said “attracted” to – not necessarily compatible with. Some astrologers will tell you that your Venus sign represents your “ideal” partner. I disagree. In my experience, it points more to the qualities you are attracted to. As we all know though, what we are attracted to isn’t always what is best for us!

Essentially, I am earth, wind and fire. Explains why I’m such a contradiction..


So this first video is a bit lengthy but I have to admit that I found this guy’s quirky character throughout quite amusing. It could be because of the 3 glasses of wine I had the past hour or maybe I just respect the fact that he was just so incredibly honest with his options. He has obviously been burned by a Libra or two in his lifetime but, I definitely couldn’t deny certain points he made in his “hypothetical” scenario. I liked that he didn’t paint us Libras as some perfect beings who have their shit together like most astrologers do. We libras have different aspects to our personality and we are by no means people who have it all together. We are pretty savvy and perceptive type of folks when it comes to observing and analyzing people. We more often than not, like the “cat and mouse chase” and we don’t mind letting the other party think that it was their idea to pursue us to begin  with. At the end of the day, we just like a challenge in dating or in love, and subconsciously we crave a person who’s stronger than we are to help us become more decisive, assertive and better people in the end.


Sun in Libra♎️

(The Sun is in Libra from approximately September 23 to October 22, depending on the year.)

Libra natives are generally thought to be sociable, somewhat intellectual souls. They have an almost innocent way about them that makes them very approachable. Generally quite eager to cooperate, Librans spend a lot of their time trying not to rock the boat.

In theory, Libras are peace-loving. In practice, they can quietly stir up all sorts of trouble with their ways. Because Libra enjoys balance in their lives, they seek the middle ground. In the process, they may end up trying to be everything to everyone. This is where their reputation for untruthfulness comes from. Generally, their untruths spring from a true desire for peace and fairness–although they may not be comfortable with direct and malicious trickery, they feel totally justified when they lie in order to avoid making waves. Peace at any price! In this sense, they seem harmless. But, what can result is quite a ruckus! People involved with Libras may crib about their lack of directness and their apparent inability to take a stand. Librans are experts at avoiding being the one to blame. When confronted, they’ll (calmly and reasonably) say, “What, me? No, I just want peace.”

“On the fence”, “middle ground”, “middle road” — these are all expressions that we can safely associate with Libra.

Some more powerful signs may consider Libra a little on the weak side. This is all a matter of opinion, however! Without Libra, life simply wouldn’t be as fair.

Librans are known for comparing and thinking in relative terms, instead of in absolutes. This weekend is not just a good weekend, it’s better than last weekend. These people are always looking for the “best” way or the “right” way to live. Harmony is the ultimate goal, but their idealism and high expectations can mean plenty of discontent. Since life presents all of us with an extraordinary amount of choices, if Libra doesn’t learn to live in the moment at least some of the time, they’ll be in a constant state of unrest.

Society needs rules, and these rules attempt to bring justice, equality, and fairness. On an individual level, Libra represents these laws of civilization. Libra comes across as very civilized and rather refined.

Moon in Taurus ♉️

Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts–in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content.

It isn’t wise to try to push Lunar Taureans into doing anything, but once they have made a commitment, they’re persevering.

There’s a steadiness to this position of the Moon that is comforting to those close to them. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities. They tend to go out of their way to avoid “messy” or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays. Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. In relationships, Lunar Taureans may not easily recognize their partner’s need for change, growth, or emotional stimulation.

Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. They will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that there’s something in it for them.

Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell.

Relationships with people born with this position of the Moon are often quite enduring. Many Moon in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the face of serious conflict. Taurus is a fixed sign, so break-ups don’t happen easily.

There is a serenity to them that is calming. In fact, it takes a lot to really get to them. However, they do get off-center every once in a while. They are not the most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for example.

Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply have a stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely are they spontaneous sorts. Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability. Their needs are strong but quite simple at the same time–they love the “good things” in life. The world of the five senses is all-important to these natives. Their love of stability and steadiness can make them slaves to routine. However, they are loyal and capable people.


Not one to be betrayed, Scorpio Venus is an enigmatic, intense figure. She has a powerful voice that can make whole crowds turn at once; to hear, to be mesmerized. She doesn’t make a great use of it, but when she does, it is simultaneously the last thing you would want to hear, but eternally.  Justice is a thing she understands. If she feels something is just, she’s capable of sacrificing her own desires and opinions completely. If she thinks you’re in the wrong and you don’t apologise or change, she’ll retaliate. You’ll have to get used to her propensity for retaliation. It’s a powerful gut-level emotional reaction to any situation where she feels she (or anyone else, for that matter) has been abused or wrongly treated.

As before stated, betrayal is the thing she fears and hates the most. If she feels betrayed, she’s more likely to strike back than to turn the other cheek. It’s good, basic, primitive stuff – an eye for an eye, and all that. Never maliciously or with gratuitous cruelty. Just enough to teach you a lesson. Does it sound a little hair-raising? Well, it can be. The Scorpio woman’s feelings run deep and intense, and she won’t tolerate having them taken lightly. And she has a long memory for both good and ill. Help her, show her encouragement, and she’ll always remember it. Betray her and she’ll never trust you again.

Venus in Scorpio♏️
Venus in Scorpio people attract others with their intensity and willingness to commit. They have a strong and concentrated manner which suggests their feelings run deep. Their actions in love tend to promise deep commitment and sexual pleasure, even if they are not telling you this directly. Their appeal lies in their focus on you, and their dedication. Venus in Scorpio seems fearless when it comes to intimacy. Potential lovers get the feeling that Venus in Scorpio will never stray, that they are intensely loyal to the one they love. They possess you, and somehow make it seem attractive to be possessed.

Venus in Scorpio men and women give you their complete attention. These people are very focused on their partners. Depending on your personality, you may find this unnerving or entirely flattering. They have a strong need to control their partner, although this won’t be immediately apparent, and they may not ever admit to this. Their body-and-soul love and commitment can be so intense that it eclipses fun and makes loving them a very heavy experience. Their emotion and intensity may seem overdone to those looking for a more lighthearted relationship. These people take things to extremes, and can be very provocative. Although they want to explore all of your nooks and crannies, they won’t always be forthcoming with their own. When you’ve upset these lovers, you’ll know it. Depending on the moment, Venus in Scorpio will shoot you one of the most piercing glares around, or totally blow up. Whichever style they choose, a slighted Scorpio lover is not a pretty sight. These people can be jealous of all of your attachments, but few will admit it. They’re not afraid of being underhanded in matters of the heart, and they are experts at cutting through all the fluff and seeing you for what you are. Still, you may find their conclusions about you seem skewed and mistrustful.

Pleasing Venus in Scorpio involves demonstrating your complete commitment and loyalty to them. Appreciate their guts when it comes to love and intimacy — they’re proud of their courage in these matters. If you can, and they’re deserving, relinquish some of the control in the relationship. Let them feel they own you, without taking it to extremes. Remember, though, that some Venus in Scorpio lovers can and will take advantage of you on a subtle level, if only to keep you all to themselves. Let them have their secrets and their silences.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m emotional and deep. I’ll be very loyal too, forever. I’m looking for commitment. I’ll make you happy in bed.”

Deeply passionate relations are desired with Venus in Scorpio. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy, as they yearn for “body and soul” contact with someone special–contact that breaks the taboos, that is extreme and intense, and that is unforgettable. This is a highly emotional position for Venus. It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Their relationships are immensely important to them, and they may even feel that relationships consume them. In fact, they tend to want to be consumed by them! Although the basic drive is toward intense closeness, blind faith in their partners is extremely hard. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up their own power to others is strong. Scorpio is an “all or nothing” energy, and relationships tend to be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride as a result. Disdain for mediocrity and superficiality can compel them to create crises in order to feel alive and vital.

They can be hard to figure out or to get close to because they can go from one extreme of emotion to the next quite quickly. They sometimes appear very sensitive and yielding, and other times completely closed off, for example.

Their tastes in art, clothing, furnishings, and music tend to be dark, surreal, gothic, passionate. Most of their true character lies beneath the surface, and what they choose to put on display may even be deceptive. Fashion trends mean little to them.