I’m drunk

I’m drunk but still have sober thoughts. My phone won’t stop vibrating from all the messages I’m getting, but none of them are from you, so I’ll just leave it on the charger and ignore them for the rest of the night. I have made too many excuses and exceptions for your selfish inconsistent ass. […]

The struggle behind loving Marilyn Monroe

“The best of her, she thought was in my eye, therefore the hope she had, was with me..” Ex husband of the iconic Marilyn Monroe speaks during a rare interview back in the 80’s about his memories of Marilyn and the time they spent together. Even in death she remains a complete dichotomy of weakness […]

Deadly Silence

Don’t fear my judgement. My love is unconditional. Don’t fear my anger. I forgive and forget quickly. If anything fear my silence, for in it lies the words and sentiments I’ll never speak of again.

October’s very own..

Libra Sun & Taurus Moon Woman “Her Illumination: Charitable. Her dark side: Looks are paramount. If she weren’t so genuinely sweet, we women would have to hate her, because she is lovely, gracious, pretty and nearly irresistible to the average man. She’s one of the most appealing women of the combinations, and men can spot her […]

Why I sleep naked.

  I like to sleep naked. When other people are around I prefer to wander the house in just an oversized t-shirt and underwear. When it comes to bedtime habits I like having the doors locked and being left to my vices so I can let my mind wander. I’m back to having to take […]