His Paper Doll

I was seeing someone for a short time around this time last year. For me it was nothing serious. We casually spoke and spent time together but I never saw a future for he and I. He got flaky and I did what I always do and just disappeared. No texts, no calls, no communication. […]

What’s love without tragedy?

An excerpt from the late Arthur Miller’s autobiography about his ex wife Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

My all time favorite artist would have been 58 today. It’s such a tragedy to see such a talent taken from us so soon. His biggest wish was to leave behind a legacy of music that would outlive him. I heard him once say that he put so much heart into his work, that he […]

Talking to myself..

“I’m scared of the good more than the evil Scared of the light more than the dark Scared of the truth so much more than the lie I’m scared for you I’m scared of you Scared of beautiful”

Dymalski’s Death Anniversary

Another year without her. Life just isn’t fair. People who have never known loss don’t understand that death is not something you get over, death is something you learn to accept. The pain has never once lessened, I just have had to overcompensate and become stronger to be able tho cope with it. It’s been […]

Iconic Men

I’ve always been and will always be drawn to men with eccentric personalities, and those who possess a boldness to remain true to who they are. These kind of men paved their own way, and made no apologies for it. They went against the grain, and because of it, they have became some of the […]

Dandelions, Sunflowers and Daisies

I love how beautiful flowers look but I can’t stand the way they smell. Their fragrance makes me nauseous and takes me back to moments I wish I could erase from my memory. As much as I love receiving them, I despise them just the same. Every single time I’ve lost a piece of my […]


I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard it in the last three years since. Each time it has left me more confused and annoyed than before. They tell me “love yourself.” Great slogan, but it’s so empty. Me being an inquisitive person, I ask them to teach me. They think they’re somehow helping […]