Well wishes

I think of you often. I wonder how you’ve been since we’ve gone our separate ways. I wonder how your family is doing and how much all the lil ones have grown. I don’t fixate on any specific memories but they still come to me all the same. I could be at a grocery store […]

Subliminal messages

Maybe it’s not about you. Maybe it is. You’ll never know. I’ll never tell you. You’ll never ask. That is the one flaw in you that inevitably tore us apart. Lies of omission are your downfall. Keeper of secrets not meant for you to keep. Initially I felt sorry for you but later it began […]

“Lightning strikes…maybe once..maybe twice”

I’m a world of chaos, a moody mess, a restless heart with a gypsy soul. I’m a social chameleon, but not in the manipulative sense most people associate that term with. I was just born with this intuitive gift to see the emotional needs in others and an innate nature to want to meet those […]